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How does the deficit and debt affect the economy.Carry out independent research and applied economic analysis of the issue; (2) Use empirical findings to formulate inferences and conclusions on the issue; (3) Write a paper summarizing your research and conclusions.
Draft papers containing: (i) introduction, (ii) literature review, (iii) economic theory and research hypothesis, and (iv) description of data, and complete the remaining sections of the paper, which are: (v) empirical model, (vi) empirical results, and (vii) conclusion. Empirical model should be like ( RGDP pc growth=α+β1debt+ β2 debt^2 + β3 interest rate+β4 inflation+……..)
(you can use http://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/ to find data)
(References, endnotes, and appendices will not count towards this page requirement. Structure of the paper must follow the empirical project guidelines outlined in Koop.)
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