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How do we describe leadership?
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Describe the difference between leadership and management and comment critically on the way leadership and management is practised in your school.
Davies’ contributors refer to several types of leadership which include, among others, transformational leadership, ethical leadership, strategic leadership, learning centred leadership, emotional leadership, poetic and political leadership, etc. Select three leadership types as described by Davies, providing brief descriptions of the salient features of that form of leadership and comment on the application or use of that style of leadership in your school or institution.
While it is important to include a theoretical perspective from the set readings and text book in your answer it is also vital to show how your school or organisation is influenced by these factors.
The assignment is referenced using the APA or Harvard System as detailed in the UNE Referencing Guide:
• All material that should be acknowledged is acknowledged
• Author, date & page included where needed
Alphabetical reference list included
(please see the attachment of the APA referenceing)