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High Risk Behaviors
Both the Mexican and Polish cultures participate in the high risk behaviors of consuming large qualities of alcohol followed by the use of the illegal substance of cannabis. Although these societies prefer similar substances the rationale behind their taking part in these high risk behaviors are very different. The Mexican culture tends to be very festive where the use of substances is typically encircled around social gatherings. In contrast, the abuse of alcohol is long standing in the Polish in order to address the many hardships in life. In Poland, a high rate of alcoholic psychosis, cirrhosis of the liver and acute alcohol poisoning exists (Purnell & Paulanka, 2008).
Nutrition, Pregnancy and Childbearing
The preparation and flavor of food in Mexico can vary significantly based on the region. The basis of most cuisine is rice, beans, meats, and vegetables served with either flour or corn tortillas. Dining is considered a time for socialization with varying mealtimes that can begin late into the evening. Depending on the people, their socioeconomic s…
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