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here is a mounting public awareness and focus on issues of financial accountability and control across the country today. The public is demanding businesses, government agencies, and public health organizations to adhere to high standards of integrity, accountability, and financial control.
Respond to the following questions in relation to financial management and budgeting:
Most marketing business professionals would agree that effective marketing messages should be clear, consistent, and compelling.
Consider the following statement:
All county health departments should use identical marketing strategies to market public health services.
Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Justify your responses with scholarly references and appropriate examples.
Part 2
Operations plans and organizational budgets are vital for organizations to meet their goals and objectives. Operations plans and budgets are closely intertwined and interdependent. Cross-departmental communication is required to plan, develop, and monitor the operations plans and organizational budget documents.
Respond to the following discussion points in relation to organizational budgets:
Why are operations plans and organizational budgets so closely linked?
Recommend strategies for cross communication at the planning, development, or monitoring phases of operations planning and budgeting
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