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Please submit a 4 (double-spaced, 12 pt. font) mini-research paper of 2 Hitchcock films of your choosing. In order to receive full credit the paper must demonstrate a substantial amount of film knowledge (in other words ‘I like this film because the colors were nice’ is not going to cut it).
Do a thorough analysis of specific scenes from the minimum of 2 films you chose to use to demonstrate your points. The topic of your review can be of your own choosing (i.e., the Glacial Blondes in ___________, Hitchcock’s use of Voyeurism in __________, German Expressionist Influence in ___________) but please make sure there is some sort of overarching theme/argument to the ideas that you choose to discuss.
If you need guidance writing about film, please use this site as a guide: https://classroom.synonym.com/write-film-analysis-essay-4125.html
Please use film language, as it is for a film class. The essay is very broad however I want it to pertain primarily to Hitchcock in some way.
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