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When creating a budget for an organization, it is important to consider several outputs, which depend on the perspectives of the individuals developing the budget. There are certain best practices to keep in mind when developing budgets.
•How should management address variances in a budget?
•How could management facilitate a participatory approach to budget development?
•How might the budgeting process differ between for-profit (FP) and not-for-profit (NFP) hospitals?
•Contributions are an integral part of an NFP meeting budget. How appropriate is it for an NFP hospital to budget expected contributions?
•Many states have a charities bureau that monitors charitable activities including NFP hospitals. Review the site for your state and comment on this agency as it relates to the budget process. For an example, review the following link for the charities bureau for New York State. ◦New York State Office of the Attorney General. (2012). CharitiesNYS.com. Retrieved from https://www.charitiesnys.com/home.jsp
Give reasons to support your statements.
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