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Health sciences and medicine
Revenues and Resource Allocations
Project description
Review Appendix B in your text. Review the budget structures to provide you with a general sense of resource allocation in a health care organization. Next, research articles that focus on revenues and resource allocations of health care organizations offering similar services as yours. In essence, you will be analyzing financial strengths and weaknesses or challenges and barriers of hospitals or other health care organizations that provide similar services or benefits. Identify one peer-reviewed source related to the financial strategy of your organization and write a 500-word minimum blog (APA style, 6th edition) using findings and information in the article and it how it relates to your organization. If the source is not peer-reviewed, you will receive a zero on this assignment. Be thorough. Again, ONE source. Provide the complete and correct citation of the article as I will review the source.
The name of the organization is The Jackson Center for Multiple Sclerosis. This is a clinic that we are making up. If you need more information about The Jackson Center for Multiple Sclerosis let me know and I can upload it (mission, vision, values, etc..)
You will research other Multiple Sclerosis clinics in the U.S.