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This evaluation is based on the outcome of the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER) program. The objective was to assess program impact in the social status of Aboriginal people in Australia (1). Child Health Check Initiative (CHCI) and School Health Nutrition will be discussed as components of NTER.
Key evaluation questions will be considered for CHCI as they define the nature of implementation (2). The process evaluation questions might include:
a) What challenges or health problems were discovered during checkups? This will help to determine whether all the children targeted for the program were reached or accessed the intervention. In addition, the question will ascertain the coverage of the intervention within the Northern Territory.
b) How effective was the CHCI in achieving the program goals and objectives? Were all the children reached with the intervention? How about those located in very remote sites with poor access to proper health services? Was there compliance between the program objectives and implementation?
c) What specific childhood diseases w…
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