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One of the five key principles of care practice is to ‘Support people in having a voice and being heard,’ (K101, Unit 4, p.183). The key principles are linked to the National Occupational Standards for ‘Health and Social Care’. They are a means of establishing and maintaining good care practice. Relationships based on trust and respect should be developed between care receivers and care givers, thus promoting confidence whilst discussing personal matters without fear of reprisal and discrimination.
This essay will look at case studies in K101 Block 2 to demonstrate why the principle is important and how care workers can apply different methods of putting it into practice.
To illustrate good practice in supporting people to have a voice the case study of Jordan Morgan (K101, Unit 5). Jordan was separated from his birth parents at a young age and has resided in various placements since.
A child’s development and learning commences from the earliest days of their lives. The unique identity of each individual stems from the relationships with p…