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good-paying jobs after graduation
Students in the construction management program at Southern Kentucky Trade College are struggling to find good-paying jobs after graduation. As the placement director for the college, you are determined to resolve the issue. You have seen effective internship programs offered in other schools, and you believe that an internship program would be a great way for your students who are approaching graduation to get some very valuable hands-on experience in the construction field.
You also believe that some of the construction firms in the area could benefit from the innovative techniques your students are learning in the classroom. The internship would help students get their foot in the door. Your experience with internship has been that once the student works with a company and the company spends time training the student it is more likely to hire him or her after graduation.
You are proposing a program that would allow your students to get a 12-week paid internship with local construction companies. The first two weeks of the internship would give the student an overview of the company’s operation. For the last ten weeks, the student would receive specialized training in a particular area of construction. Students would be paid only one half of the rate of an entry-level employee.
Write a memo to Mr. Cleo S. Johnson, the owner of Johnson and Sons Construction. Persuade him to accept an intern from the construction management program for a 12-week assignment. Add other details to complete the letter.