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Global Look at Internet Censorship
Many Americans take for granted the freedom that living in the United States allows us. As we go through our days, we whine about our bosses, the governor’s latest political agenda, or read commentary about how the war in Iraq is morally wrong. Whether we are sending e-mail, posting on message boards, or reading the news online, we are guaranteed the same freedom of self expression that we enjoy offline. In other countries, the mere act of accessing websites that criticize the government is an offense that can land you in prison. Within this paper, we will explore Internet Censorship as a global issue as well as an ethical issue.
The Internet
The Internet, while relatively young, has made its way into the everyday life many in the United States. It allows for instantaneous communication with others around the world and not just person to person communication but mass communication. The Internet has become a popular medium since it incorporates characteristics of several other media and communication systems, i.e. print,…