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GB 410 Global Strategy
Final Paper Assignment
1. 8 pages text, double spaced, size 12 font, unlimited exhibits if referenced in text.
2. Individual Assignment. All research MUST by individual
3. Read the Case: GE Healthcare in the Heart of India. This case is dated and reports from 2001.
4. Read “GE Healthcare” in Wikipedia and other business sources available in the Bentley Library Databases. The following snippet shows results of a search of ABI Inform Global:
6. Based on your research results, update your understanding of reverse innovation at GE Healthcare .
7. Follow the SPACI methodology and develop a Reverse Innovation strategy for John Dineen, current CEO of GE Healthcare
8. Section 1: SITUATION: Describe significant determinations of the situation facing GE Healthcare
a. Perform an external analysis and discuss trends, etc. that affect innovation (Ch 2)
b. Produce a SWOT table and describe significant factors that affect innovation (Ch 3)
c. Produce a Porter’s Five Forces analysis and discuss which forces drive innovation (CH 2)
d. Perform a Barney VRIO (Value to consumer, Rare in industry, Imitated only at high cost, organizational fit- we can use that resource effectively and efficiently) to determine if any of the strengths can provide sustainable competitive advantage. (Ch 3)
9. Section 2: Perform an internal analysis of GE Healthcare. (Ch 3)
10. Section 3: Discuss GE Healthcare’s Business Level Strategy (Ch 5). What acquisitions make sense?
11. Section 4: Discuss GE Healthcare’s International strategy (Ch 7). Is GE Healthcare located and organized optimally?
12. Section 5: Discuss GE Healthcare’s Entrepreneurial Strategy (Ch 8). Discuss the culture and organization at GE Healthcare and compare to “Reverse Innovation” chapters 3 & 4.
13. Section 6: State the most significant PROBLEM facing GE Healthcare.
14. Section 7: Based on Sections 1. Through Section 6, describe 3 ALTERNATIVE ways to advance reverse innovation at GE Healthcare to address the problem described in Section 6.
15. Recommend your CHOICE of the best of the alternatives
16. Recommend SMART (specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, timely) Goals and Objectives to IMPLEMENTyour recommendations to GE Healthcare’s reverse innovation initiatives