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from the book : “Liberating Faith. Religious voices for justice, Peace, &Ecological wisdom” edited by Roger S. Gottlieb
On :Walter Tauschenbusch, “from Christianity and the Social Crisis”, p.64
write a reflection paper about it
this is the guidelines for the paper:
All reflection papers must be typed, double spaced, 2 full pages in length (maximum), and must include the following:
– Your reflection must relate to the assigned reading from your textbook and/or other handouts distributed by the Instructor
– Summarize your reading: present first key ideas or thoughts
– The summaries must capture the philosophical, theological, ethical concepts, the basics of the author’s argument, and conclusion put forth by the author.
– The student must react to the reading by providing your own reflection, understanding and by applying the concepts to your own life.
– You must demonstrate that you have read your material, no abstract or general statements.
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