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Forest, Tyger, Lamb Meaning to the reader
Paper instructions:
Intro on what the forest and what the beasts are. In the end of the intro you should have something like “Let me show you how some writers from william blake (to your own individual author) bear out my idea.
Body of examples.
A. An example or two that provides your idea from poetry
B. An example or two that provides your idea from a short story.
C. An example or two that provides your idea from a play such as “A midsummer nights dream” or the video Thriller by Michael jackson or other film / song etc.
D. How your own individual writer that you are so enthusiastic about also proves your idea, find a quote from a crtic in a book about either your writer or the work of your writer you’re discussing. The quotes should merely be a short statement by the critic backing you up. Nobody cares about the critic all you need is a statment a quote and observation from this critic that shows someone out in the wrold of literature agrees with you on some point or has interesting observation you want to record, or even a bit of biographical data.
Meaning –
Forest – Is a bad place where the story/poem takes place, it’s never good.
Tyger – Can be a beast, something horrid or bad.
Lamb – Good character, peaceful etc.
Attachment –
I already wrote a paper which i would like for you to include in this research paper. Do not need to include all but just some points that you feel that are strong and worthy.
Some stories/poems you can use for this research paper,
Fire and Ice – Robert Frost
Hells angels – Ken kesey
Ironing their clothes – Alvarez Julia
A Good man is hard to find – O’conner Flannery
Young goodman Brown – Nathaniel Hawthorne
Use quotes from the stories and poem to back up your idea
Make STRONG arguments and back them up
If you have more questions just ask..
needs a citation page