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For this assignment you will write a description of your thinking, reading, searching, and writing
process of your Short Assignment #2. This assignment is NOT to assess how you went about
writing your Short Assignment #2, and you will receive your grade for that assignment before
you hand in this one in, so these are in that sense unrelated. You do not have to be entirely
truthful in your account.
In writing this account, include the following aspects:
– Provide a timeline in words or in drawing one (and explaining it).
– Distinguish a set of steps or phases in the research and writing process.
– Reflect on to what extend your account provides the exact truth about this process.
In this account also answer the following questions:
 Which part of the process of writing your Sort Assignment #2 is part of the context of
discovery and which part is part of the context of justification?
 Would you consider your hypotheses falsifiable? Why? What changes would be needed
to make them falsifiable? Discuss all three your hypotheses in this respect.
 Is this assignment #3 a positive or descriptive approach to economic methodology or a
normative or prescriptive approach? Explain.
 What normative statements can you provide discussing how the process you describe
could be improved?
Form requirements:
Your audience for this essay are high school students.
The minimum amount of words is 1200 and the maximum is 1500.
You do not need to make use of secondary literature, no direct quotes are allowed.
Make this essay a story that runs run smoothly.
Line spacing 1.5 and use the Times New Roman letter type.
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