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For the second essay assignment you will look closely at one of the three texts we read in Writing as Revision during these last 2 weeks and analyze it from a personal perspective, using yourself as a “lens” text. Specifically, you will examine one of the pieces we discussed in class, draw upon your own context and experiences for analysis, and draw a meaningful connection. Acceptable texts are “The Bus to Veracruz,” “Those Winter Sundays,” and “Se Habla Español.”
Every time you read a “primary” text, even something as simple as an employment ad or list of ingredients, you have a response that is informed by your own “secondary” text: experiences, culture, and expectations. Each of these pieces is a response to both the limitations and strengths of language and storytelling; you also are now in the position of thinker and writer here at the UofA. It will be your job in this assignment to connect the two (one “writer” and you) in a 4-page essay in a meaningful and purposeful way.
Things to Consider:
-The text from WR which you choose to discuss is the “primary” text; your background is the “secondary” or “lens” text. Your essay should analyze the narrative through the “text” of your cultural/national upbringing (i.e. your “lens”). You should summarize both, but briefly.
-Strive to write at an academic level. Realize that your essay may discuss either textual strategies, content areas/ideas, or both.
-This essay may be shared amongst the group, so be sure you are comfortable with revealing your experiences and don’t include anything you would prefer to keep private.
Guides to Invention:
-What is the overall effect of this text on you? Describe your mental/emotional responses. What do you understand or not understand in the narrator’s perspective?
-How did the text and your context inspire these thoughts in you? Name elements from the text (subject, language, tone, characters, settings, sentence patterns etc.) that contributed to this effect. Which parts of your own history (past experiences, memories, current circumstances) connect or clash with the piece of writing you chose?
-I recommend pages 165-174 in A Student’s Guide for thoughts on the overall process.
What I Expect:
A 4-page essay turned in with a “Works Cited” page and previous drafts to the D2L Dropbox.
Your essay will be judged and graded on its ability to:
-follow these instructions and the essay requirements as explained in the syllabus
-provide a clear analytical thesis and supporting evidence
-communicate the connection between textual evidence and your experience
-demonstrate a clear understanding of concepts such as “primary” and “lens” text
-use conventions of grammar, punctuation, and spelling
First drafts must be submitted in the “Dropbox” tab on D2L by 3PM on the due date, and a hard copy brought to class on the due date. Late drafts lose points. First drafts must be at least half of the final length requirement. Final drafts must be submitted online.
for the reading please see attached files!!
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