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Food Journey Analysis
Daily nourishment is vital part to living a healthy life. In order for the daily consumption of foods to be effective they must be well balanced and in the right proportions. In addition to everyday nutritional needs, daily exercise is as equally important. Exercise and nutrition work together by the process of supply and demand. Nutrition supply’s the body with the energy it needs in order for the body to continue working at at optimal level. Failure to maintain the proper balance between nutrients consumed and exercise expelled could result in weakness and even disease. In this paper I will analyze my personal dietary intake for two weeks, in an effort to better understand my nutritional profile; by comparing my intake with the recommended DRI s, according to my gender, weight, size, and age, and modifying nutrient consumption for a healthier nutritional intake and lifestyle.
Analyzing the First Two Weeks
According to my electronic journal maintained by “Super Food Tracker”, my average caloric intake was 1078 calories out of the recommended…
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