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Follow the next instructions:
About the essay, you should do a good critical analysis of the article.
• Structure: The structure of your essay should be as follows
•Provide a clear and preferably catchy title
• Introduction in which you prepare and provide the central question or statement of this essay (please underline).
• Use different paragraphs to discuss different items mentioned and provide summaries of main articles, authority arguments (opinions by well know authors or researches) o data that support your opinions and you chose to read for this essay. You are also requested to compare the content of these articles and the relative usefulness for your topic.
• You close off with relevant and personal conclusions summarizing your main arguments and/or restating your main points and one or more conclusions.
• Bibliography/ list of reference listing the books, articles & chapter which you used for this essay. You are requested to make use of and provide reference to at least three sources for this essay.
You have to read the following reading: New War Journalism, Nordicom Review 30 (2009) FROM PAGES 95-112 and this is the link to it:
After having done the reading, you have to write a critical analysis, as mentioned below
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