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Find the current version of this legislation, and write a ‘Legislative Memo’ (ie summary) about it. A legislative memo is not simply a list of the various sections or parts of the Act. You should give a concise and meaningful summary of:the purpose/s of the legislation: including any specific concerns or mischief that motivated the legislation. In this respect you may benefit from consulting extrinsic material such as the Explanatory Notes or Second Reading Speech.The structure of the legislation and how it achieves the purposes of the Act: This is not simply a list of summarised sections or Parts of the Act. How do the Act’s structure, its key provisions (especially the main rights, prohibitions and obligations created in the Act) and the institutions it concerns fit together to achieve the Act’s purpose/s?give some critical perspective on the legislation by applying concepts learnt in the course so far. For instance, is the Act likely to achieve its purpose/s? Could it have any unintended consequences? Does it create a fair balance between the competing interests involved? Does it adopt a particular theoretical model, comply with the rule of lawand/or respect the separation of powers?
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