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The sacrifices of a mother for her child can never be underestimated. The film Under the Moon depicts this precise example of a mother’s unconditional love for her son to the point of sacrifice. According to Lynch this mother followed the normal process for migration: preparatory stage, the decision to leave; act of migration, the process; the period of overcompensation, realizing the changes and doubting the decision; the period of decompensation, conflicting times and transgenerational impact, the migration process (Marci Hanson and E. Lynch, Developing Cross Cultural Competence, p.185).
The family is Mexican. This line has roots in El Paso, Texas but Rosario, a single parent has migrated to Los Angeles, California in hopes of providing a better life for her nine year old son, Carlitos. California was the state of choice for many Mexicans, as many as 57 percent were legal immigrants according to Taylor (R. Taylor, Minority in the Families, p.89). Carlitos is left with his grandmother, who apparently has health issues. His godmother also has agreed to care of …