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Explore in detail, violence, in Phaedra’s Love and A Streetcar Named Desire
As this is an essay, in the intro it should be stated how Kane and Williams use violence in their plays and why do they use it? Was there any special reason or anything related to context that made them write a play that includes violence? You then need to go onto say that there is 3 types of violence you will be looking at in both plays and they are physical, sexual and Psychological violence.
In the main body of the plays, there should be a detailed analysis of how there are the three types of violence mentioned above in the two plays and what does the violence show to audience? It must be an analysis! There should also be context so stuff like social and historical context etc
In the conclusion you must sum the whole arguement, saying what is the point etc
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 ,”violence, in Phaedra’s Love and A Streetcar Named Desire”