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Exercise Set 3.1: 1-4
Exercise Set 3.2: 1-2
Exercise Set 3.3: Part I 1-6; Part II 1-4; Part III 1-2
Exercise Set 3.4: Part II 1-4
Exercise Set 3.5: 1-6
after that read this one and answer the question:
Read Jaap-Henk Hoepman’s article entitled “The second crypto war is not about crypto” (https://www.cqure.nl/kennisplatform/the-second-crypto-war-is-not-about-crypto). Choose a sub-section listed under the “The ethical, legal, political, and organisational arguments against” section. What is the argument being made in that subsection. Identify the premises and conclusion. Is it deductive or inductive? Are there any fallacies of reasoning? If so, identify them.
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