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1. Choose one of the three clinical case scenarios on the next page (page 2).
2. Using the information from the case scenario, and your skills from week 1 and 2, fill in your attached PICO worksheet. This will help you with the next step of developing your search terms and strategy.
3. Using the information from your PICO Worksheet write down your Search Strategy in the attached worksheet (please do this in Microsoft Word and not by hand) (remember to keep these to just your main topics headings as using too many different terms might result in your missing key papers).
4. Enter your search into Medline using skills you have learnt in the Online Library Study Guide and the information in yourSearch Strategy Worksheet – take a screen shot of your results (example on page 3).
5. As part of this assignment you need to access the online discussion board for your tutorial group to get feedback on your PICO and search strategy from your classmates and your tutor. You can do this at any time during Week 2.Research is a collaborative process, and so is learning in the clinical environment, so this activity will teach you skills in sharing your ideas with others so that you can all learn and achieve together.
Once you have completed these tasks you need to prepare a document that demonstrates your learning and your searches within the databases.
Please collect together the following sheets in one word document to submit into Turnitin:
• PICO Worksheet
• Search Strategy Worksheet
• Screen shot of your systematic literature search in MedlineORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!