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A formal report on the relative performance and functionality of a range of streaming technologies.
Your task is to do a comparative report indicating
• The features
• Ease of configuration and use
• Issues
The range of devices to be considered are
• Plex
Of the following devices with respect to
• A home where the owner wishes to stream their audio and video collection to a TV and
laptops with the optional facility of being able to access their media from outside the
• A small business that works in a risky environment and requires a large set of health &
safety and procedural videos to be streamable to pcs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
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A comb bound report of no more than 1500 words
Note that the word count is very restrictive so intelligent use of appendices is
•    Required to enhance the supporting evidence for your main report.
•    The main report is principally a summary but the evidence to the summary is expected in the appendices
•    The appendices should show evidence that there has been actual experience of using the technology.

Transaction Cost Theory in Corporate Governance
Research Introduction
Statement of the problem
Purpose of this research
Significance of research
Research questions
Literature Review
Limitations of study:
Further research suggested:
Research Paper Grading Rubric
Content and Development
50% possible
Percentage Earned:
•    Student completed an in-depth analysis of a specific strategic management topic.
•    The paper focused on a specific research topic through the strategic management lens.
•    The paper included an introduction to the topic and historical development as necessary.
•    The discussion thoroughly investigated a topic and was supported by relevant and current research.
Additional Comments:
25% possible
Percentage Earned:
•    Paper is concise and well-sourced
•    The student provided a fluid discussion relating relevant strategic management theories and conceptual frameworks.
•    Paper displays student’s ability to correctly process and integrate information from the current body of knowledge deriving from the field of strategic management.
Additional Comments:
25% possible
Percentage Earned:
•    Structure is effective
•    APA formatting including:
o    Title page
o    Double-spacing
o    1-inch margins
o    References
o    Relevant in-text citations
•    Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed
•    Spelling is correct
•    Additional Comments: