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Ethics on the Internet
In today’s society, there are many ethical issues on the Internet. Some of the biggest issues and concerns seem to be hacking and viruses, copyright infringements, spam, privacy, and cyberporn. Internet ethical issues affect a wide variety of individuals and almost all people today are affected in some kind of a way. Until recently, most computer users had not been very concerned with questions of ethics and may not have been aware of something being seen as an ethical issue, but this depends on every individual’s position. However, today there are many concerns about these issues and some organizations are trying to get laws approved protecting individuals in today’s society.
Copyright infringements now are an extremely large issue. Illegal distribution of software over the Internet damages the software market, causes prices to go up, slows new software development, and hurts job creation in software development. It is currently reported that 40% of the world’s software is pirated.
Computer software is one of the most valuable technologies i…