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Ethical Issues in Social Work
I will provide practical help for new social workers to help them
understand and deal with ethical issues and dilemmas which they will
There are many ethical issues which are important to social work, but
I feel that these are all covered by the care value base. The care
value base Was devised by the care sector consortium in 1992, this was
so that the workers in health and social care had a common set of
values and principles which they would all adhere to. It is important
because for the first time the social care sector had a clear set of
guidelines from which ethical judgements could be made. The care value
base is divided into 5 elements –
The care value base covers
– Equality and Diversity
– Rights and responsibilities
– Confidentiality
– Promoting anti Discrimination
– Effective communication
Equality and Diversity
Carers must value diversity themselves before they can effectively
care for the different races, religions and …