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Ethical Case Analysis
1.    Learn how to conduct an ethical analysis of a socio-technical scenario (a computing-related issue that affects people)
2.    To use the ethical theories and professional codes of ethics we have learned to analyze a socio-technical scenario.   This will help you better understand the theories and codes, as well as gain practice in using them.
Assignment – Analysis
Part 1:  Each individual will first do the full analysis (all 8 parts)
Analysis Sections
Each analysis (individual and group) contained in the deliverable will include the following 8 sections.  Each section should be separate, and marked with its own section title.
1.    Identify the moral agents (agency)
2.    What is at stake? Who/what are the stakeholders?
3.    Possible courses of action (identify at least 2).  For each state “A possible course of action is XXX”.
4.    Consequences associated with each course of action.  For each state “A(nother) consequence of the action XXX is YYY”.
5.    Analyze the case using two of the objective ethical theories (Act Utilitarianism, Rule Utilitarianism, Kantianism, Social Contract Theory/Rawls’ Principles of Justice).
6.    Identify any clauses in both the ACM Code of Ethics and the Software Engineering Code of Ethics that would apply to this situation.  Give the clause number and the actual clause and then state how and why each would apply.  The clauses in the codes are generic enough that several can apply.
(Warning: Do not say they are software related and the case is not about software.  They are broader principles and do apply because the cases concern computing and/or the design of systems with socio-technical aspects.)
7.    Concrete action that you would recommend (supported by your analysis).  Justify your recommendation by clearly explaining why.
8.    Bibliography:  If you used any materials besides the textbook and codes of ethics you should reference them in your bibliography.  (The bibliography is not part of your page count.)
Deliverables – What to Submit
Your analysis deliverable should be kept to 5-6 pages per group plus 5-6 pages per individual (not counting the bibliography).  Format this double-spaced with one inch margins all around, 12 point font, Times New Roman.
*Pick any one case. Not both
Case 1 – “Fingerprint Scans Create Unease For Poor Parents”
Case 2:
(link to the article, copy the link and search on web)
1.    Read the summary.
2.    Listen to the audio or read the transcript, which are linked at the top of the summary.