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The dramatic escalation of violence committed by and against people is shocking (Eron et al., 1994). Although according to Federal Bureau of Investigation, the murder rate in the year 2009 dropped almost 7.2 percent in comparison of the murder rate of 2008. Similarly crime rate of crimes like rape and assault had been decreased up to 4.2 percent each and crime rates of robbery and burglary fell by 1.7 percent and 4.2 percent respectively (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2009) but still the violence among the youth has increased sharply.
There is no simple explanation for the presence of aggression, nor is there any obvious, easy way to reduce it. The fundamental basis of violence is absolutely clear: the human capacity for aggression.
Cognitive Neo-association analysis:
Major social psychologists believe that people are motivated by a desire for cognitive consistency- a state of mind in which one’s beliefs, attitudes, and behavior are all compatible with each other. Cognitive consistency theories seem to presuppose that people are generally logical but it is also true that a pow…