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Energy Savings And The Internet
I have always harbored a feeling of apprehension when approaching the subject of the Internet. I am a late-bloomer in the world of computers. I have used a personal computer that is not connected to the Internet, for word processing purposes for four years. At first I found this experience to be frustrating. Then frustration gave way to acceptance and even enjoyment at the ease of my paper writing assignments. I think the Internet is too influential and pervasive. I fear for our privacy, but that is another subject. When I discovered the Internet was actually having a positive impact on the environment, I had to concede that maybe it is not purely evil.
I have begun to see the promise of the future of worldwide communication. With this new perspective, that the Internet does have a positive influence on society, I can compare it to guns. They are both tools and tools are as good or as bad as the people using them. If you are a compulsive gambler or shopper, for instance, the Internet makes these activities convenient, but you would no doubt find…