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Most employees do not realize that information transmitted electronically through an organization’s information system is not private. Although companies do implement high safety mechanisms, such as firewalls and passwords, to certify privacy they still reserve the right to monitor an employee’s usage of company property. The majority of companies have put into practice some type of Internet usage policy of what the company regards as suitable usage of the company’s resources to gain access to the Internet and what privacy rights their employees may or may not have.
In today’s place of work, employee’s individual civil liberties are being infringed upon because organizations are monitoring and examining their employees’ undertakings. Actions range from e-mails, keystrokes, phone calls, and Internet use. In addition, workplace monitoring is on the rise, almost 75% of American businesses now employ some type of surveillance method to watch their employees. Electronic exchanges such as e-mail and the internet increase employee efficiency and productivity. According to Andrew …