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Elder Abuse
Scenario: Elder Abuse
You are working in the ER and a 66 yr. old female is brought in badly bruised, malnourished and extremely fearful.
During your nursing assessment and exam, she tells you that her 45 yr. old son has been hitting her with a cane and
keeps her locked in a bedroom. She is only provided with 1 liter of water a clay and one small meal. This has been
going on for the past two months. She is afraid of her son but has nowhere else to live.
Rubric: Documentation/evidence of the following
As her nurse, state your legal obligations. 20 points
What legal obligations are mandatory? 20 points
What consequences can arise from these obligations? 20 points
Which moral principles apply? 20 points
Discuss the premises of the ANA Nursing Code of Ethics and how it applies to this situation. 20 points
S_cenario: Family reguest to withhold information
Suppose you-are a nurse working on a medical surgical unit. You have a patient who is an 82 year old female who was
just recently diagnosed with lung cancer. When entering the patient’s room to deliver medications pertaining to her
3 a diagnosis, a family memberstops you and tells you thather mother does not know that she has cancer yet.,The.
family member continues to tell you that if her mother found out she had cancer that she would give up on life and
if ‘ she only has her mother in‘ heriélife now because her fathezpast away two years ago due torcolon. cancer. She begs i
younot to tell hermother what is wrong with-her andsays ifshe asksabout what medication you aregiving her, just‘ a
say that it is a multivitamin needed to keep her healthy.
Rubric: Documentation/evidence of the following
What ethical dilemma are you faced with as her nurse?
What are your professional obligations at this time? 33.3 points
What resources may be available to you to help you end this case? 33.3 points