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Elder Abuse and Mistreatment
Elder abuse and mistreatment is a many-sided social problem in the modern society, as it touches such spheres as health care, social services rendering, socio-economic protection and observance of human rights. The elderly are the most vulnerable social group due to their age, low capacity for work and competitiveness on the labor market or serious illnesses. During the previous century level of their social protection has been increasing owing to approval of international social standards and signing of international conventions.
Social workers should not only prevent development of these phenomena, but consider them from scientific point of view. Efficient counter-measures should be taken to identify reasons and sources of the abuse of this social group. A developed hypothesis relates to interrelationship of level of social and law knowledge of the elderly and prevention of abuse/mistreatment. This problem has been previously examined by Aurora Salamone, Marion Brickner, Luciana Oginionin and others. For e…
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