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When did teaching kids to kill become associated with a person’s first amendment
rights? In the wake of school shootings and concealed weapons being carried by students,
many government agencies have begun to study the effects of violence on television as a
prominent variable in childhood and adolescent aggressiveness. The prevalence of
violence in television is rampant. It is as addictive as a drug to the children and
adolescents, and is accomplishing two extreme reactions: a desensitization towards pain
and suffering in the world, and instilling fear of the world as a dark, cold place.
Although violence in all media has become a prominent issue, the focus has mainly
been on television because it has had the most influence on the youth of the nation over
the past 50 years. Abusive lyrics and overly violent films have taken some heat in more
recent years, but not nearly as much as that of television. In the future, the medium of
video games has been predicted to be more harmful than that of any other media
influence, but there are not enough facts to support this hypothesis. The truth is that
without the technology provided by the invention of the television video games would
never have become a household commodity. The study of violence on the small screen
has been ongoing since the 1950s (Committee on Public Education 1222). Even though
the public lost sight of this debate, it gained momentum again in the late 1980s and 90s.
Today, te…
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