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Economics Report on Budget
The aim of this report is to find out how budget 2003 has affected
different groups of people. Has the budget benefited the UK? Does the
majority of the UK know about budget? In this report I will find out
the answers to these questions and produce a clear conclusion
outlining the main factors included in budget 2003 and if it was a
success or not.
In this report I have to find out if budget 2003 benefited everyone or
not. I will need to gather information from different angles to find
if budget had an affect on the citizens of Britain.
To complete my report I will under go primary and secondary research
to find out as much as I can to find out about last years budget. I
will apprehend research such as questionnaires, interviews, textbooks
etc. My research will be limited as I cannot go through vast amounts
of data such as economic journals, surveys and focus groups which are
beyond my reach and so my conclusion will present limited amount of
This report will be structured in a way that you will be able to
follow it with simple economic jargon. In the beginning I will present
information on budget and have an understanding of it thoroughly to
show you that I have understood the concept of a budget. I will give
you data on the information I have collected from both primary and
secondary information and conclude what I have found from the results.
Using my research I expect to test the following hypotheses:
-“I expect people to consume fewer cigarettes because the tax has
increased by 8p”.
-“I expect the consumption of beer to fall because the tax has risen
by 1p”.
-“I expect people to consume less amounts of wine as it has risen by
-“I expect people to use public transport more as the excise duties
for road tax has increased by £5”.