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The President’s plan for economic recovery cannot be based on the stimulus package that he has presented. There are many factors to economic recovery that need to be worked on, and the stimulus package is small compared to what really needs to be done. The whole country needs to have a turn around—financially, responsibly, and economically to be the greatest nation in the world, once more. This is a responsibility of the government, as well as the people to respond with our choices that will help us grow and recover. The foreclosure market is a crisis that is surrounded by other factors to help it re-cover.
The economy needs to be turned around by:
• Job Growth and Expansion
• Stop Over-Taxing
• Stop Government Spending
• Curb The Housing Crisis
• Tariffs on Incoming Goods
• Reduce the National Debt
Job Growth and Expansion: The first step, as described above, is the need to make industry thrive again in this country. We need to out produce all coun-tries in the world, and capitalize in every market from technology to building. If the people have jobs, they can a…
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… It is a way of life. The American dream needs to be acknowledged, and needs to be revived. The white house with the picket fence…the two and a half kids…saving for the future, instead of wondering what needs to be paid with the next check. The government needs to focus on what really matters, the American People. Get the job done now, and for the future. The Entire Con-gress has forgotten the most important thing that matters in this country—the people. The people are what matters. Let us put the priorities in line, and get it done.