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Project description
Watch this video in this link and answer these questions
2012 Holiday Lectures on Science
Changing Planet: Past, Present, Future.
Lecture 3: Earth’s Climate: Back to the Future by Daniel Schrag, Ph.D
What atmospheric characteristic explains the difference in average temperature on the surface of Venus, Earth and Mars?
Scientists study past climates by analyzing Ocean sediments.  What information, specifically, is derived by analysis of ocean sediments?
Explain, in detail, how the geologic carbon cycle serves as the Earth’s thermostat.
Atmospheric CO2 levels have been shown to fluctuate over the last 650,000 years and there is a correlation between atmospheric CO2 levels and Earth temperature.  What are current levels of atmospheric CO2?  What is the significance of this with regard to climate change over the last 650,000 years?
It can be argued that climate change is, in itself, not the problem because it has routinely occurred in the history of the Earth.  It is the rate of current climate change that is the problem.  Explain.
Many politicians claim that current climate change is part of a natural cycle.  What evidence disputes this (Hint:  Dr Lonnie Thompson)?