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During an office meeting, members of your marketing team tell you that they would like to know the different types of data and research methodologies that are appropriate for the development of their new beverage. You know immediately that exploring primary and secondary data is essential to finding the full market data when analyzing your target segments.
In this particular project, you will research secondary data (data that has already been collected by another source).
Using the library, Internet, and your textbooks, create a presentation that describes at least 5 different types of secondary research available through the major data providers. Determine what products and services the company offers for segmentation (specifically for the retail market). Use the Market Analysis link on the company’s site. Include this information in your presentation.
Your marketing team has asked you to prepare a presentation of 7–8 PowerPoint slides (body of presentation) with in-depth speaker notes. In your presentation, describe the different types of data and research methodologies that are applicable for the development of the new beverage. Answer the following questions in your presentation:
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