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Dr. Kabasenche
PHIL 365 Biomedical Ethics
Spring 2016
Washington State University
Paper Assignment 1
Please write a 2 page essay (typed, double-spaced, 12pt font, margins of 0.75 inches or larger) on the topic described below (only two pages of text, but you may have a third page for works cited or endnotes). The paper should reflect your own thinking on the subject. Other sources used (including articles or assigned materials) should be properly cited. You may use any standard format for citation that you are familiar with, but if you are not familiar with any, please see my instructions concerning proper citation on this sheet. To do otherwise is to cheat and will result in failure of the course (see the syllabus for a link to information on Academic Integrity). The paper is due 4pm on Thursday, March 3 to the box for your section outside my office door (814 Johnson Tower). In addition, please submit an electronic version of your paper to the drop box for this assignment at the course website (under the content tab) by the same time. Late papers will be accepted but marked down (Generally, 10 points off if turned in within 24 hours of the due date; 15 points off if turned in within 48 hours, and so on). If you have an emergency, you should notify me (by email or voicemail 335.8719) before the due date to be considered for an extension.
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