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DQ1: Measurement Problems.
After reading Black, Scarfone, and Souppaya (2008), choose one of the cybersecurity measurement problems discussed by the authors. Explain the problem in your own words and address how and why this problem could impact a cybersecurity focused evaluation of emerging technologies or emerging applications of technologies which are intended for use in a business environment.
Black, P. E., Scarfone, K., & Souppaya, M. (2008). Cybersecurity metrics and measures. In J. G. Voller (Ed.) Handbook of science and technology for homeland security (vol. 5). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. Retrieved from https://hissa.nist.gov/~black/Papers/cyberSecurityMetrics2007proof.pdf
DQ3: Return on Security Investment (ROSI)
Read Introduction to Return on Security Investment: Helping CERTs assessing the cost of (lack of) security.
What is the ROSI calculation? How is it used to evaluate cybersecurity technologies? What are the limitations of this metric?
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