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Francis, Theo. Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition [New York, N.Y] 21 Jan 2015: A.1.
Does a strong dollar (higher value versus other currencies) help or hurt U.S. exporters? Why?
Why is Avon unable to raise prices fast enough in Brazil to offset the dollar’s new strength?
The strengthening dollar hurts Salesforce.com and helps Alcoa. Both are U.S. companies. How is this possible? (Hint: Examine where they incur their expenses versus where they get their revenues.)
Why would tourists from other countries be less willing to visit the U.S. as a result of the strengthening dollar?
Would this situation impact tourists from the People’s Republic of China more or less than tourists from most other countries? Why? (Hint: Google to find out how the exchange rate is set betweeen USD and RMB.)
Does the strong dollar help or hurt companies that export goods to the U.S.? Why? Can this have an impact on American firms even if those firms only sell their goods in the U.S. and do not export their own goods to other countries? Explain.