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Does The Influence of Music Have an Effect Contemporary Youth?
Ever since the shocking event in Littleton, which involved two avid Marylyn Manson fans, society has been questioning the effects of aggressive contemporary music on the youth. Although evidence suggests that there is a notable link between violence and aggressive music, it must be realized that other factors influence teenage violence even more so. Shootouts, much like the Columbine incident, are commonly seen in many of today’s films, as well as films years ago. Violence in video games can manipulate one’s perspective on the value of life to the point where killing can seem meaningless. Music is a tool of expression that an artist uses to vent their frustrations and to reveal their emotions; it is not to brainwash kids into believing that violence is the way out. Music is not the problem here. Yet many refuse to realize that violence in movies and video games, which are more vivid and realistic, has a much larger impact on children and their point of view on reality.
Most movies today include a significant …