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Do white males have anything to fear from Affirmative Action?
Affirmative Action can be defined as policies used in the United States to increase opportunities for minorities by favoring them in hiring and promotion, college admissions, and the awarding of government contracts. Depending upon the situation, “minorities” might include any underrepresented group, especially one defined by race, ethnicity, or gender. This action constitutes a good faith effort by employees to address past and/or present discrimination through a variety of specific, results-oriented procedures. This is a step beyond equal opportunity laws that simply ban discriminatory practices.
There are four main types of affirmative action that an employer may use. They include:
· Aggressive recruiting to expand the pool of candidates for job openings;
· Evaluating and updating selection tools and criteria to ensure their relevance
to job performance;
· Revising traditional measures of merit to more fully recognize talent and
performance under varying conditions;
· Establishing goals and timetables for hiring underrepresented groups
These are not the only ways that employers use to complement the affirmative action but they are the more favorable ways to attack the problem of discrimination in the workplace.
From its beginnings in the United States in the 1960s, affirmative action has been highly controversial. Critics charge that affirmative action policies, which gi…