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—Discussion 1-View these 2 videos and provide 4 nursing research articles you have searched for and found according to your PICO(T) question. Cite them using APA format in the discussion question.)

Due: Sunday, March 6, 11:59 PM
—Discussion 2- View this video and respond to Discussion 1 with your PICOT Question (identify the P, the I, the C, the O, and the (T) of your question to receive full credit).

Due: Sunday, March 6, 11:59 PM
—Discussion 3- Determine the level of evidence for each of the articles you submitted as Discussion Question 1. Cite each of the articles you submitted for the last discussion question using APA format and indicate what level of evidence each article is according to the evidence pyramid.
Due: Sunday, April 10, 11:59 PM
—Discussion 4- Critically Appraise the Evidence. Look at your articles and using the table in this article, insert the articles you chose for your project:

Due: Sunday, April 24, 11:59 PM
—Discussion 5- Putting it all together: Put together Discussion Questions 1 through 4 in APA format up to 5 pages maximum.
Due: Sunday, May 1, 11:59 PM
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