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Discuss the relationship between crises and change is critical in the progression of this module. Scholars have argued that:
• Crises can precede change, serving as motivation for change to occur
• Crises can occur while a particular change effort is occurring, potentially derailing it or necessitating its shift in another direction
• Crises can arise from ineffective changes (i.e. a particular change effort fails and, as a result, causes the possible closure of an organisation)
Much of the reading this week and in subsequent weeks will strive to tease out the subtleties in the relationship between these two concepts.
Conduct a literature  review
Critically evaluate key arguments from both a scholarly and a practitioner-oriented point of view;
• Critique underlying assumptions evident in the articles and identifies any new insights for practice and scholarship;
• Extend the thinking and application of your review with additional resources and experiential analyses.
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