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Dietary assessment methodology-comparison of three methods
Hello, I am a master student of Human Nutrition MSc program. I need to have a lab report for one of my module. I am sending you all files about this coursework, which include guideline, sample coursework and references list. I did this coursework last semester but I failed. I got 35 points from 100 over. I have to get at least 50-55 points to pass this module. I am sending you my failed report and its feedback PDF file. You can see all feedback and comments about my deficiencies and mistakes(they appear on all pages, and comments are in the last page). All data and charts will be same with new lab report, so you can copy them from my old coursework. Also I am sending you two more sample coursework. One of them is written by my friend, it is same topic with mine and she got 55 points from 100 over. And the other one has same structure with mine, but it has different topic. My report should be about iron. However they both help you when writing new lab report.
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 ,Dietary assessment methodology