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Database systems and Administration
The database assignment has two sections (Part A and Part B) each focusing on advanced database concepts: in Part A, you are required to write a scholarly academic article based critical engagement with a chosen topic; part B focuses on analysis of key factors of database systems.
Part A
Research Article
Write a research article exploring database administrators role which naturally divides into three major activities: ongoing maintenance of production databases (operations DBA); planning, design, and development of new database applications, or major changes to existing applications (development DBA, or architect); and management of an organization’s data (data administrator). You are required to focus on.
• Storage management,
Produce an article covering the following aspects of research (approx. 1500 words):
• Approach to the problem and research questions;
• Objectives;
• Theoretical framework;
• Rigor of literature review;
• Methods or empirical analysis techniques;
• used data sources;
• Key findings and conclusions;
• The importance of the research from the theoretical or empirical point of view.
Part B
Reem Batteries Company was incorporated as Associated Battery Makers LLC., on 31st January, 2001. The company has signed an agreement for the development of a piece of software in 2013 for its operations. The Company manufactures the widest range of storage batteries in the world from 2.5 Ah to 20,400 Ah capacities, covering the broadest spectrum of applications. The Company has also recently forayed into the manufacture and sale of Home UPS/Inverters all over the world. The Company has seven battery manufacturing facilities strategically located across the world.
You are required to create a conceptual data model of the data requirements for the company ‘Reem Batteries’. The company has more than 50 products with various types. Total number of employees working for ‘Reem Batteries’ is more than 10000. The Managing Director wants you to come up with a conceptual model after an in-depth research on their operations and processes. In order to come up with an appropriate design/solution, you must study the requirements, issues and best practices in this problem context. You can make relevant assumptions required to formulate business rules, security, and administration and modelling.
Based on the above information execute Task 1, Task 2 and Task 3. You may have to make additional assumptions to execute Task 1, Task 2 and Task 3.
Task 1: (2 Pages)
Design an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) to model the above scenario. Identify the different entities (minimum six entities) and attributes of each entity. Suggest and justify the choice of relationship and cardinality of the relationship. State the assumptions (if any) made by you to develop the ERD based on your research. Provide detailed analysis and justification for the selection of entities and attributes based on your research.
Task 2: (1 Page)
Derive a set of relational tables from the ER diagram (Task 1), using appropriate choices for the table attributes. List several integrity rules, which you would recommend to ensure the quality of the data.
(Indicate the primary key, foreign key and constraints/business rules. Critically analyses the constraints and business rules based on your study of the company.
Task 3: (2 Pages)
Outline the kinds of anomalies that can arise in the scenario given above by using un-normalized tables. Show how the table created in task two could be re-organized into separate tables to avoid anomalies (Decompose the table structures to a set of 3NF tables).
Task 4: (1 page)
Propose and critically review user management, storage management/techniques formulated for the system discussed in Task 1-3.
Task 5: (4 Slides)
Prepare 4 presentation slides to discuss/demonstrate your knowledge with the different concepts used in preparing the assignment. Produce evidences (if any) during your presentation.
Follow the guidelines mentioned below for your assignment.
i. Students are expected to do a critical analysis of the tasks and present their analysis by drawing on relevant theoretical concepts. Marks will be awarded based on the ability of students to undertake the task in a logical manner by drawing on appropriate concepts and theoretical frameworks/literatures.
ii. Report should have a Title Page. Title Page should contain the following information.
a. Assignment Name
b. Student name
c. Student ID
iii. It should have Table of Contents
iv. Use page numbers
v. Assignment should be typed in your own words using Times New Roman font.
vi. Use Diagrams to explain in detail.
vii. Use suitable notation in your diagrams.
viii. Use appropriate SQL syntax wherever applicable.
ix. Copy paste from the Internet is strictly not acceptable.
x. Reference should be included in the last page.
xi. Attach the evidences (if any).ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!