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Surfing the Internet can truly be fun sometimes. Many times you don’t realize how long you been in there until you sign out and your server tell you that you have spent many hours surfing the net, either that or the sunshine begins to bug you. Yet there’s something that has began to bother me every time I surf the net. I feel that I just can’t trust anyone. People are using this way of communication to be free about anything .It scares me how it is so easy to create identities through the digital world of computers to surf the life of the Internet. I feel the evolution of computers is influencing our way of living and our lives.
In Sherry Turkle’s article she tells us the different ways of creating games, alternate identities and lives people assume when they are “gaming” online as she calls it (456).Free speech , privacy, people sending you all kinds of stuff over the internet–porn for example I’m really tired of it! . All I know is that every time I check my Email box there are piles of messages coming up like “Are you Horny?” and many other that are so indecent to say.
I feel that we are not protected from the internet. There must be a way to control these unwanted messages, because my block sender feature seems not to work. Calling Aol to change my password doesn’t either. What can we do? For me it is scary sometimes I’m not against technology at all but there must be a way that technology doesn’t take over. I always wonder how people sending pornographic web pages get our emails address, I assume that they probably steal or buy our information from Internet servers. I guess is it just like when you get junk mail from businesses that mail you advertisement from items you never inquire about. That sucks if people get their advertisement from stealing our addresses, or using “cookies” to store our information. I’m not really sure. I assume another probable way is picking at random which I think is odd because everyone I ask says that they are tired of getting unwanted messages. My cousin who’s 14 yrs. olds gets dozens of messages a week. Not only are these kids getting messages but, they are being tricked into going to these pornographic web pages. How dangerous is that because who knows how many thousand or million children and teens are being exposed to that junk. I ask myself are our rights as a user being violated?
The search was quite surprising, I found out that there are many cases of pornographic sites using child friendly sites. For example a former Girl Scout site instead of going to the girls scout site directed you to a pornographic page. This is according to www.epic.org/(Electronic Privacy Information Center). The story says that The Black Diamond Girl scout had www.Blackdiamondgirlscout.com registered to them as their official web page. They realized that their URL was too long so they bought a new and gave up the other one. Their new one is www. Bdgsc.org/. Within a short time span, the domain was bought and now that domain is re- directed to pornography. We can’t proved that they do it on purpose but, several pornographic sites prey on typing errors, and not knowing what the actually domain extension is. They may do this because they get more money from advertising, like to shock you, or perhaps it is just coincidence. Whatever the reason is, as users and parents we need learn how to protect yourself from these unwanted surprises.
I was interested to know how these people get away with tricking youngsters to going to their web pages. I researched for more probable answers to me concern. I found out that these immoral people know that a common way for a site to obtain traffic is to use popular names, use .net, .org, or .com or its equivalent then, for example They will use known popular site among teens like http://www.gulr.com. These sites offer free email, advice columns, chat rooms and much more. The problem is that if someone verbally told a youngster lady about this site, they may type in http://www.girl.com and they would automatically reach a pornographic site. There are many more of these pornographic web sites that have close spellings to children’s sites or have popular names.