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If I was to reduce my description of “Dancer in the dark” to one word, it would be daring. Its immediate effect on me was stronger than that of maybe any other film I’ve ever seen. It shook me, stirred my emotions, made me think and reflect, it disturbed me in the most positive sense of the word and it still does. Its radical make, boldness and consistency exceeds all expectations and probably everything that’s come before. This is the perfect example of a director’s vision uncompromisingly realized.
To be fair, I have to say that “Dancer in the dark” is one of those films that people either deeply admire and love or hate and find ridiculous. If you belong to the latter category, nothing I write will make you rethink your opinion, due to the picture’s polarizing and radical contents and direction. But if you feel the way I do, it’s more than just a film. It’s an experience.
This isn’t a movie you could ever label, it’s not a movie you could ever judge by its cover. Beneath that rough exterior is a movie that reaches out to you, and shows you what is true and shows you what is r…