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1. Read the November 1, 1977 Babcock and Wilcox internal memo titled “Customer Guidance on High Pressure Injection Operation” on the next page.
2 write a short paragraph on the rhetorical strategy you would use. In other words:
• What would be the purpose of your memo?
• Who would be the audience for your memo?
• What writing style would you use to write this memo?
3. Once you have clearly identified the rhetorical strategy that you will use, please rewrite the Babcock and Wilcox memo on a separate page, using the rhetorical strategy that you identified above. Note: Make sure that your rewritten memo is consistent with the rhetorical strategy you said you would use.
So the paper would contain a short paragraph and a memo the paragraph would be 5 sentences long about the three questions above. However, I need you to rewrite the memo.
Please make sure it’s plagiarism free
The Babcock & Wilcox Company
Power Generation Group
To: Distribution
From: J.J. Kelly, Plant Integration
Subj: Customer Guidance on High Pressure Injection Operation
Date: November 1, 1977
B.A. Karrasch
E.W. Swanson
R.J. Finnin
B.M. Dunn
D.W LaBelle
N.S. Elliott
D.F. Hallman
Two recent events at the Toledo site have pointed out that perhaps we are not giving our customers enough guidance on the operation of the high pressure injection system. On September 24, 1977, after depressurizing due to a stuck open electromatic relief valve, high pressure injection was automatically initiated. The operator stopped HPI when pressurizer level began to recover, without regard to primary pressure. As a result, the transient continued on with boiling in the RCS, etc. In a similar occurrence on October 23, 1977, the operator bypassed high pressure injection to prevent initiation, even though reactor coolant system pressure went below the actuation point.