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1.  Create your own media product that is designed to appeal to a segment of the current marketplace. This could be a magazine, newspaper, specialty book, etc., or an electronic product (web pages, video shorts, podcasts). In any case, however, there must be a clearly defined focus and intent behind the product. In other words, who is your product appealing to and how will it generate revenues, or media visibility, and thus “survive” in the marketplace?
Regardless of what you are choosing to create, all projects must be accompanied by a half- to one-page “business proposal” that outlines the purpose, audience and appeal to your product. As before, ground your efforts in real research as to what is currently occurring in our society/marketplace. It is not enough to create a product simply because you’d like to, can and assume it would make money. Students pursuing this option are strongly advised to consult with me before beginning.
2.  Transform a media. Like the previous option, this requires that you have a specific intent behind a redesign or transformation of a media product (magazine, radio program, website) to alter its demographic, content, style, etc. (one recent example of such a redesign is the electronic Newsweek Global, formerly Newsweek magazine). Unlike the previous option, this can either be accomplished by creating the alternative product or writing a paper that describes the changes you would make. Again, be sure to cite a good deal of research and data on why your redesign is necessary and will be successful (“good deal” probably means at least a minimum of four real-life citations).